The charming Cole family welcome guests on our Coast and Country & Bespoke Tour experiences.

Broughgammon is a forward-thinking farm providing ethical and sustainable produce fresh from their small farm outside Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The family set up the farm back in 2011 when they saw that a majority of male kid goats born to the dairy industry were being put down at birth.  This seemed such an unnecessary waste, so they set out to take those males and rear them themselves for delicious and healthy cabrito kid goat meat. Since then, they have branched out into rearing free-range rose veal and also seasonal wild game. In 2019 they began producing vegetables and edible flowers.

This innovative farming family now have their own artisan on-site butchery, where they teach others the art of butchery and handling wild game. They also run foraging courses with Forage Ireland throughout the year, herbalist workshops, seasonal cookery classes, fermenting workshops and more! 

Every Friday-Sunday they open up their doors to the public and have an open farm as well as opening their delicious farm cafe where they serve up innovative baked goods using foraged finds, seasonal produce and edible flowers from their garden as well as great coffee and a very tasty lunch menu!  They also have a farm shop selling the best of Northern Irish and Irish produce.

Causeway Coast Foodie Tours at Broughgammon Farm

Here’s what our customers say about their visit to this unique farm

‘We loved the warm welcome by the charming Robin..’ 

‘Broughgammon Farm – a lovely farm tour and tasting of goat bacon’

‘What really made it, though, was being able to meet the local producers and hear their story. I’m from NI but had no idea how rich and dynamic the food scene on the Causeway Coast is’

‘The people we met along the way including the Cole family of Broughgammon Farm Ballycastle, where all so passionate about what they do and masters of their craft. Really interesting and exciting people and great ambassadors for the produce of the local area’.

What Broughgammon say about working with us

Broughgammon Farm has had the pleasure and benefits of working with Wendy Gallagher as one of her Causeway Coast Foodie Tour Destinations, over the last several years.

Wendy offers bespoke tours to a number of different locations, usually following a particular theme or interest. When visiting us she would typically bring a group of 10-15 visitors in a luxury coach, for an hour or so, and her customers would then see what we do as an artisan meat producer, butchery and farm shop.

Wendy’s tours are energised by her bubbly personality, her humour, in depth knowledge, always underlined by her consummate professionalism. As a tour operator she maintains flexibility to ensure high customer satisfaction, tempering her tours to client’s wishes, but at the same time happily liaises with us as providers to ensure all runs smoothly and to an exciting agenda. Having been to Broughgammon on numerous occasions one might think that Wendy had seen it all and might become jaded, but that is not the case. She has great interaction with her clients and tour destination hosts, and has an infectious enthusiasm for her Foodie Tours.

I can honestly say she is a delight to work with, and would thoroughly recommend her tours to anyone with a foodie interest.

See Causeway Foodie Tours at Broughgammon Farm during Halloween