Hi! My name is Lucy, I am 13 years old and I live with my mum, dad and my little brother Andrew. We are in lockdown as is everyone and during lockdown we have had some great food!

I’m doing this blog because I know lockdown is hard for everyone, especially for small businesses. I want to try and promote some of these so you can try them too! I also want to encourage young people to try different things from a restaurant that maybe they haven’t tried before.

During this pandemic it is so, so important to keep healthy even if that is going out for a daily walk or run or just generally eating healthily. 

There is an amazing farm shop near my house called Galbraith’s (FB; @gbfarmshop). They sell locally grown fresh produce including fruit and vegetables which add great flavour to stews, soups, pasta dishes, roast dinners and just general snacks. We have been visiting here lots during lockdown as we have been doing a lot of home-cooking.   My mum (@causewayfoodie) is a great cook and her dinners are delicious! I really like different pasta dishes, but I think it’s hard to beat a good roast beef dinner!

My favourite vegetables would have to be carrots, sweet potato and cauliflower.  I have always loved these and would encourage you to try them if you haven’t before! I have had my own vegetable patch at home growing peas, potatoes, carrots, rhubarb, strawberries, lettuce, spring onions and lots and lots of herbs!  I feel really proud being able to grow my own food and even better tasting how good this is.

When my little brother doesn’t eat his veggies, Mum makes one of her favourite recipes; ‘hidden veggie tomato sauce’ – taken from ‘My Fussy Eater’ by Ciara Attwell https://www.myfussyeater.com/hidden-veggie-tomato-sauce/ . This is great with pasta and as a pizza base!

During lockdown as weekend treats, we have also been enjoying great meals from different restaurants that decided to cook meals for home deliveries / collection. 

Tartine at The Distillers Arms (www.distillersarms.com) offer a phenomenal home delivery service with a yummy kid’s menu.  Everything has so much flavour and is really easy to heat up again at home. What stood out to me was one of the main courses I had; haddock, buttery mashed potatoes and broccoli in an amazing sauce. It had so much flavour and was so delicious, I would definitely recommend it!

My mum and dad have also enjoyed meals from Butterfly & Bear (https://butterflybear.co.uk/) which have a different style of food every week.  For my mum’s birthday they had the Mexican menu, and I tried some and it was amazing as well. I tried the mac ‘n’ cheese and it was SOOO good! I don’t usually like mac ‘n’ cheese because I find it too creamy but this one was amazing and I would definitely have it again!

This Valentine’s Day we had a picnic from The French Rooms (http://thefrenchrooms.com/) and it was the highlight of lockdown for me! My favourite thing was the cheese board selection.  There was so much choice to have and it was all delicious. I also am a huge fan of their chocolate fondant………..chocolate heaven on a plate.

On the next Lucy’s Latest I will be talking about Springtime treats.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have a great week x